Here I am getting ready to take on the ‘Hand’ Jackie Johnson, 13 weeks after I broke my humorus and had a 6in plate with 8 screws put in it. Thanks to the best rehabilitation tool out there, Powerball..!

As A Physician Assistant I would recommend this to any of my patients with hand, wrist or arm injuries! Alex Ross
Paris, TN, USA

I’ve been using my Powerball for almost 5 years and can say it's a really high quality product! In fact, it's also the perfect tool to fight the fatigue in my hands, arms and wrists I would otherwise feel from having to edit 1000's of images a week while sitting at the desk here on my work station. Alex Ross
Paris, TN, USA

The Powerball is an excellent strength training device for all racquet sports, allowing you to get a little more power into your shots. As a physics teacher, I also find it to be a great teaching tool as I talk to my students about centripetal force and rotational inertia! Jeff Moreau
West Chester, PA

On the 8th of March last year, I tore a rotator cuff tendon in my right shoulder whilst playing squash. Before that day I was competing in long distance open water Masters swimming events, playing squash and golf regularly and loving it. I have seen many physiotherapists and consultant osteopaths, had an MRI scan and purchasing numerous products design to help me cure my shoulder. I’ve spent many hours exercising with bands.

However, after nearly eight weeks of using an amber Powerball 250 Hz Regular I am convinced it has done the trick. I’ve recently bought a Vortex that I’m also very pleased with. I use it for about 30 minutes every day, and plan to continue until the day I’m pushing up daisies.

I am now slowly but surely swimming again and playing squash and golf. I’ve been a sad man during the time I could not play my sports. My Powerball has made me a happy man. Sounds very corny but is very very true. Dave Wright
London, UK

I am a Sports Massage Therapist for the past 8 years and use powerball to strengthen my hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders to better carry out massage for my sports clients, which currently include runners, triathletes, cyclists, netball and hockey players and gymnasts. It’s a wonderful product which given my hands a new lease of life Colleen Budge
Worcestershire, UK

I read about it last year and was interested but initially the cost kept me from pursuing my interest. Well that concern washed away instantly when i seen one in action. I would pay twice for this magic device so i bought two! :) I am currently looking into reselling these in Ontario Canada and in 3 days i have almost 30 pre-orders!! I trust my positive experience with this product will last in my memory well into the future Mitch Shier, Canada

I love my 250Hz Powerball. My son and I can't put it down. This is one of the very few products that lives up to expectations. I can't think of a piece of excercise equipment that makes you actually want to use it, except powerball, it's great. You should have infomercials in the U.S.A, you'd sell millions, thanks! John Dragus, United States

AWESOME, had access to one in the UK (Snoop Teddy B) and loved it, found them online in NZ and couldnt resist. I am an addict. My dept are now addicted to it, one guys an international hockey player, the other a world record Ironman and quadrathlete and we are constantly whirring the thing around. They are investing for Xmas, I continue to fly the flag with scores, after 5 days i reckon i could be on the Top 100. This combined with my business is proving to b awesome... A MUST BUY FOR ANYONE!!! Chris Lee, New Zealand

Just wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery of my Powerball which I received this morning. My wrists are hurting like buggery but I can't put it down (nor could my workmates)! :) Many thanks, Dave Rosendale, United Kingdom

How refreshing! A company that keeps it's word. If I could give a business award for customer service, you would get it. Nuff Said. Marc Gunnell, United Kingdom

My god, every time I read some correspondence from you it just blows my little mind how awesome your customer service is, you have no idea how much I appreciate that, your company is just unbelievable! I’ll be showing it off to all my gadget obsessed friends who will no doubt be overcome with jealousy and I’ll instruct them to purchase their own from you. MANY, MANY thanks! Yours is the way a business should be run Cameron Adams, Australia