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Thread: New member with chronic ulnar sided wrist pain in both wrists-HELP!!!!

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    Unhappy New member with chronic ulnar sided wrist pain in both wrists-HELP!!!!

    Well i should say that i do not own a power ball as of yet. I am considering buying one if it will help a problem i am having.

    I should also mention that i am not very well educated when it comes to the inner workings of the body, i just did a google search relating to the pain i am having and have decided that this was what I had lol.
    Okay, I have had pain on the ulnar side of both of my wrists for quite some time now (about a year), and would like some advice on how to heal this pain.
    I have tried nsaid's, splints, ice, rest,acupuncture etc, but all of which have either not helped or have hardly helped reduce the pain.
    Now, my wrists only hurt when i have them in the supinated position, doing things such as carrying boxes to catching a b-ball. Other than that there is not really much pain. The pain does shoot all the way up my forearm though, but hurts the most in the wrist area.
    The pain in both of my wrists is due from weight lifting related injuries. I believe my doctor said they were tendon sprains? Anyway, I let the problems get out of hand and am now suffering from pain and cannot perform a lot of the activites i normally due such as playing basketball and weightlifting without coniderable pain.
    I am currently trying to use the MEAT (Movement Exercise Analgesics Treatments) methods to heal the pain, and am also trying to strengthen my wrist (wrist rolls, curls, reverse curls etc.), but so far no good. Ive tried these healing techniques for about 4-5 weeks only, but i was wondering if this is what i should be doing or just try something else etc.
    I am also wondering if a powerball or any other kind of method would help?
    And if a powerball would not be the best method, please tell me!!!I really miss playing sports and would like any help i could get.

    Ulnar sided (pinky side) wrist pain in both wrists
    Came from lifting
    Nothing is helping
    Need advice on how to heal/treat
    Would a powerball help?

    Any help would be ecstatically welcomed.
    Thanks in advance
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    This article, along with the video inside it, best describes the pain i am feeling:

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    I would think PB would help you but you better consult the doc first.

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