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Thread: Just a theory, please advise!

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    Default Just a theory, please advise!

    I spin the ball fastest with my right arm going ati-clockwise OK.
    If I remember rightly gyroscopes work best going the same direction the water goes sown your drain, if north of equator clockwise, oposite if south. If I was to go to the south of the equator I should hopefuly make it go faster :-)

    I would like to know if this would work, I live in Scotland heading to The Domincan Rep. in May ill try then. But please I would like to know if there are any brainiacs out there that know the answer. Cheerz Im out, Lee

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    The Coriolis Effect, caused by the rotation of the Earth, can be seen in the spin direction of weather systems such as hurricanes and cyclones. some people believe the myth about toilet and bathtubs being effected by this by draining counter-clockwise in the northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. But in the short-lived flush of a toilet or the rotation of a gyro, the force is far too weak to have an impact; the direction of water's flow is entirely based on design. It can be shown mathematicly and was just discussed by Popular Science Magazine.


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    I must disagree with you. I myself am Dutch (north of equator). I often take hike's and suchs. Now here come's the deal i always just a funnel to fill my water botles. About a year ago i made a trip to New Zealand. I brought my good' oll funnel and used it there. Well to the point. Same funnel, different hemisphere. result: the water ran down oposite to where i live. So if not the Coriolis Effect causes this what does ?

    Jan Broekhuis

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    Check out the following URL for an entire debunking of the Coriolis effect with respect to water going down drains (or funnels)

    Mike Mayer

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    Well, the coriolis effect obviously has some effect on both sinks, funnels and Powerballs, but this effect is so e.x.t.r.e.m.e.l.y tiny that it probably can't be measured even with hyper-accurate laser instruments.

    To put it another way: a CD is very well balanced. Try putting a CD into a discman, leaving the lid open, and put the discman on a table. You see how the CD starts spinning by itself beacause of the rotation of the earth? That is the coriolis effect! That is also the difference in Powerball scores depending on what hand you use. For best results, use your "good" hand, ie right if right-handed, left if left-handed. This will have a far greater impact on your score than the coriolis effect.


    Interesting analysis...R

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    Hymyly, re- ur theory of the cd rotating. Are you sure this effect isn't down to slight convection currents of air around the room? just a thought...


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    the coriolis effect will not spin a cd in a drive. It's a tiny effect that is hard to detect even with very senstive instruments. air currents, tiny inrefections in a funnel. magnitic fiels and most other naturaly occuring forces swamp it.
    the coriolis effect will add some millionth of a rpm. not some thing lickly to take you over the recourd


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