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Thread: Metal Powerball as carry on in US

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    Default Metal Powerball as carry on in US

    After much debating this morning I left my 350Hz Metal powerball at home instead of bringing it as a carry on while flying. I don't usually check luggage but would love to have my powerball with me while away. I have submitted the item for review with the TSA via their website, so I will check back later and find out what has been said. I'm not against checking luggage, everyone around me seems to be, but I don't need to check anything otherwise.

    Has anyone had specific experiences with the TSA lately and powerballs? I don't think it would be good to use on the plane, but I don't see why that means we can't carry it on.

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    Well not lately but last year I was pulled aside and they did take an extended look at my 350Hz powerball. Lets be honest, it's got a timer and does have a "device" look to it ... They took it for analizing and came back about 15 minutes later and let me have it back, but I was in a slight panic mode because I thought it was a gonner... If you do travel with it I'd bring the powerball brochure with you and not hide it, but take it out so they can see it..

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    metal casing and the rotor itself is very durable. But the fact that the weak point of these devices are not in the housing and the rotor, namely, in the grooves in which the rotor slip with their axes. They are in a metal, such as plastic, but unlike plastic specimens, where the groove (or a track I do not know how they are properly called) are part of the body, in a metal, they are removable.

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    Metal is actually one of the most durable powerballs I think!

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